Daytime and Overnight Potty Training Pants

Our waterproof potty training pants / cloth pull ups are very absorbent, reusable/washable, and comfortable! 


Built with 100% organic bamboo/cotton absorbent core and stretchy sides for easy pull up and down.  The lining is soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial!  Features colorful PUL print themes for all ages!

How to Measure


Waist circumference:  From where the pants are worn

Leg circumference:  At the highest part of the leg, following the underwear line at an angle or diagonally

Underjam rise:  From front waist to back waist passing through the crotch

Do not add extra space and take measurements only on the child for best accuracy

Sizes relate to regular underwear size for average built

Small = 0-24 months      

Medium = 1t/2t        

Large = 3t/4t       

XL = 5/6        

XXL = 7/8

Daytime Potty Training Pants

Overnight Potty Training Pants