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          We specialize in functional, natural, organic and Eco friendly products, made of quality material for babies, children and adults.   We offer affordable products, so if you love to save money in the long run, Eryn's Kids World is your place to shop!  

Please note all our prices are in USD.  For CAD, please contact us.

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We are supplying worldwide from local businesses in Canada to Australia and the UK

Organic Bamboo Facial Rounds

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Collection Gallery

Of waterproofing and absorbency, we offer:

- Reusable / washable potty training underwear and pull ups, either for daytime or overnight use

- Very absorbent accessories like inserts, boosters, prefolds and soakers to go with your diapers or potty training pants

- Cute and stylish swim diapers that will be the envy of other children

- Reusable and waterproof snack bags that can be used as birthday goodie bags, sandwich bags or any bag for storage in general

We also offer care and beauty accessories like:

- Double sided organic bamboo make up remover pads or facial rounds that are soft and great for sensitive skins

- One side organic bamboo and the other of cotton flannel facial pads

- Cloth wipes made of 100% cotton flannel awesome for baby bums and household use in general

For your baby's nursery room you can find:

- Diaper stackers or nappy holders, made of 100% cotton fabric, that can store 100+ diapers

New Prints!

These PUL prints are newly acquired and they are just cute and beautiful!  The perfect high quality waterproof fabric to prevent wee accidents and messes in your furniture and floor, boosting your little one's confidence while going through the journey of potty learning. 

We offer a variety of patterns/prints to choose from.  Invite your child to help you out customizing his/her "big boy/girl" pants!  They will love it, you will love it! 

from Sea Creatures, Animals, Dinos and Volcanoes, Vehicles and Robots to Cats, Flowers, Donuts, Unicorns and Rainbows!  If you cannot find the themes, objects or colours you are looking for in our gallery, please do not hesitate in letting us know, and we'll do our best to hunt it down for you!


Shop with confidence!  know what our customers have to say about us and our products!  Learn from their testimony and suggestions, as we do!


"She's great to work with and the quality is wonderful! We ordered 10 pairs of heavy wetter pull ups for our 2 year old son to use at night. We call them his "night undies" because he's day trained and switching from cloth diapers at night. He suddenly started staying dry on his own about half the time - so thanks for a great product that we love and is helping us train him! One thing to note is that the heavy ones are indeed very thick through the crotch and contributes to a bit of "plumber's butt." Also, when drying them, put it on the timed setting as opposed to the automatic sensor."

          If you have any questions or need more information or customization on a product, please feel free to contact us

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