Daytime reusable pull ups with stay dry lining very absorbent and of dinos and space rockets PUL prints front view

Set of 2 Boys XXL (7/8) Daytime Potty Training Pants

Made of the following materials:

- Waterproof PUL outer shell at center

- Jersey knit on the sides lined with PUL on the inside

- Lining that touches the skin is of a fast wicking Cotton / Polyester Pique

- Absorbent core made of several layers of thirsty Zorb and Cotton terry

- Elastic on Waistband and legs for a nice fit


Featuring prints of Dinosaur and Galactic / Space Ships


Prints might not be available by the time they are built, so similar and equally appropriate prints will be used instead.  Otherwise, you can choose the prints you like from our PUL Gallery and mention them at checkout. 


Sizes relate to regular clothing size for pants or underwear for average built.  If your child is not average built, customization or adjustment is available.

Machine wash in regular setting at cold or warm temperature.  Add a cup or two of white vinegar to the washing cycle either every time or once every 3 or 4 washes.

Machine dry on cotton setting (high temperature) at least the first time.  Due to the great amount of absorbency, more time in dryer might be required.  Dry inside out first, then flip back to regular position for another touch up.  Dry include several dry towels for faster drying.

Do NOT add bleach, softener, drying sheets or too much detergent.  Soft detergent is prefered.