Hanging Diaper/Nappie Stacker or Diaper Holder

Hanging Diaper/Nappie Stacker or Diaper Holder

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This diaper stacker is made of 100% cotton fabric, and it includes a small removable hanger at the top and a removable rectangular cardboard at the bottom.  Hangs onto the wall, crib, behind the door, inside closets, etc. 


Great for baby room and nursery accessories, baby gifts and baby showers. 


It's very roomy, measuring 26" x 12" x 8" and can store at least 80+ diapers

Provide fast and easy access to diapers when changing the baby

It can be used to store clothing in general or anything you need to have at hand.

Prints, piping and colors can be customized to your liking. 


    Machine wash and dry on delicate cycle.  Make sure to remove cardboard piece at the bottom before washing.  Iron in medium heat setting or cotton setting. 


$35.00 Regular Price
$32.00Sale Price
Piping and Opening Borders
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