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          We would like to share some feedback and reviews, provided by previous and returning customers, who have purchased and used a variety of our products, from our Etsy shop.   Click Here: Etsy Reviews to read the most recent reviews that might not be updated on this page.

Review left on October 24th, 2017

They're perfect! Great communication from the seller <3

Review left on September 1st, 2017

So good. Holds up to my waterfall child in the night while we navigate this potty thing. AND the shop owner was amazing with subbing an oos print for me!

These have been wonderful for my 2.5 year old who is potty trained during the day, but very hit or miss overnight. He started refusing to wear a diaper at night... and I'm not a big fan of pull-ups (cost, waste, etc.). I thought for sure as soon as he saw these he would just think they were another diaper... but not at all!! He loves them. They are his "good-nighttime undies" and I no longer have to fight him to get ready for bed :) We bought several different types and these have won out hands down. I've discovered that the PUL waterproof layer is key - however, I will say we still have some wet sheets and jammies every now and again. We highly recommend.

Love the overnight pull ups. They work perfectly for both my girls!

These face pads are great: they are gentle on the skin yet are very effective at removing makeup. This is my second order of them.

Super soft, it feels really great on the skin.

I love these and can't say enough nice things! They really don't leak. My 2.5 year old is potty trained during day and doesn't want diapers or pull ups. She loves wearing her "nighttime underwear". I wish I had had these for my son. I tried superundies with him which are more expensive and way more bulky and uncomfortable. He wouldn't wear them and it was a waste of money. These are bulky in the middle were needed but not on the sides, are softer and don't bother my daughter at all. Thank you!!! They are also so cute and very well made! Just a tip to prevent urine smell: Every 2-3 days I do a prewash cycle in warm or hot water with little vinegar and drain washer then wash with a regular load of laundry.

Review left on May 1, 2017

Super soft, it feels really great on the skin.

They are so cute and well-made! I'm grateful to have an ecofriendly storage option! Thank You!

Very well done adult diaper, to make old little boys very happy 😃 These snapped trainers allowed very nice training times, and can hold big adult baby wee-wee as Diaper Lovers like to do to feel comfortable 😄

i like them because they hold overnight and they are sewn perfect. they arrived right on time!

Crafted beautifully. Absorbency is great!

I love them so so much.The prints are adorable.  I can't wait to start using them on my 2 year old after we get settled with the new baby.Thank you so much. :)

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